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2face and the hoax of Turks and Caicos February 21, 2012

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2face Idibia

How many times can a man die? Yet Nigerian music frontrunner, 2face Idibia, according to some media report is dead, again. The singer who was in the news over last Valentine’s Day surprise proposal to longtime on-and-off girlfriend Annie Macaulay, all of a sudden became dead over several social media portals. For the third time in two years, fans, colleagues, friends and associates have had to deal with false death rumour of the multiple award winner.

The hoax again caught like a wildfire yesterday with same storyline as the previous death hoaxes [he died in a ski accident in a marina on Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands] and yet people continue to propagate without verification. Alarmists were already sending frenzying eulogies on twitter, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger about a man that is holidaying in America.

As 2face’s publicist, Bayo Omisore, again steps in to quell the rumour stating that the singer is currently in Los Angeles working on a new album, one wonders how many times can a man die? And how long before 2face goes on another ill-fated skiing trip to Turks and Caicos!


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