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Nigeria’s duo, Ola and Chris exit Big Brother house May 18, 2012

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Nigeria’s representative in the on-going Big Brother Africa StarGame, Ola and Chris have annonuced their ‘voluntary exit’ from the reality television show, on health grounds.

Ola sought the exit based on his high blood pressure which the medical team has urged him to seek better treatment.

When asked in a dairy room by Big Brother what their predicament were, Ola stated that he will like to quit the Big Brother due to health issues.

He said that he has thought about it and since the medication he is on does not seem to be taking well, he will like to seek medical attention outside the Big Brother House.

His second running mate Chris also added that health is wealth and he completely agrees with Ola. “Yes, this is a game however, we can’t play with our lives” he said.

They were both instructed by the Big Brother to go and explain their situation to the other housemates.

Chris and Ola, who both entered the competition as friends will have to leave the house immediately.

The exit of the duo leaves Goldie as the only Nigerian in the BigBrother House.


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