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Femi Kuti: A man of many relationships @50 June 8, 2012

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Foremost heir to the Afrobeat King’s throne, Femi Kuti in a never seen, no holds barred, exclusive interview with Channels Television, talks about a myriad of issues in his life as he clocks his golden jubilee.

In this interview with our correspondent, Oluchi Uwajubogu, he talks on growing up with Fela, his many women, relationships and instruments.

On being 50: There is nothing so special about being 50 years old people still see me as a young man.

Music sojourn: In the past 33 years I have released 9 albums and I want to do about five more albums before I die.

Fela’s inspiration: At the beginning I wanted to be like my father, I left my mother to stay with my dad. I started smoking, drinking but after he was locked up by the Nigerian government. I decided to make a name for myself. I had a beautiful childhood until when my dad was locked up for carrying Indian hemp, there was no where we go to that we will not be identified as Fela’s children.

My dad didn’t want us to have the western education in 1979 he advised me to leave school.

Obstacles: It’s been tedious till now. I remember in 1988, I was advised by my sisters to be a fisherman because there was no money.

Musical Instrument: The first instruments I played ever was a trumpet and my father started playing a saxophone then I learnt and that’s what I play till now.

Advice to young musicians: My advice to the young artiste is to try and play an instrument because that has helped me.

Family: I have six kids, two of them are adopted and I do not mind them doing music. My first son Mide, has interest in music and he is schooling in the United Kingdom.

Marriage: I got married on May 1995, even though, I never believed in marriage but I loved my wife and I knew she was going to deliver a boy as soon as she got pregnant.

My marriage didn’t last because, my wife didn’t listen to me I told her I loved women. I like women around me and I will not be faithful to one woman. My wife wasn’t comfortable with my fame and the women in my life and that was why we had to part way.

I don’t want to re-marry again, like I said, I never believed in marriage and I am right now into four different relationships. Two of them are very serious and they have kids for me. I am a very jealous lover

Occupy Nigeria: It was a failure because I knew the Nigeria Labour Congress will give into the government and that’s what scattered it.

Watch out for the full interview coming soon!


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