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BBA: Junia and Malonza get evicted. July 9, 2012

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One of Big Brother’s most loved couples Junia and Malonza are no more, the couple were the latest to bid farewell at the Stargame lastnight.

When it was time for the eviction, IK the presenter scared the 6 housemates that were put up for eviction, mentioning their name one by one with so much sympathy.

Prezzo who was the first to be metioned showed so much fret in him, but fortunately for him he was saved by his fans.

Malonza whose name was mentioned didn’t show any form of fear but instead his girlfriend Junia broke down into tears.

When being asked by the presenter (IK) if the relationship was going to continue Malonza said “Anything that continues from here will be a plus but all I know is that Junia is a special friend.

He also added that he what brought him joy at the Big Brother was the fact that he had found Junia.

Time for the second eviction came, Goldie was so nervous that Prezzo had to path her at the back. Finally the second housemate was revealed and it was Junia she smiled while hugging others and whispered “At least am leaving with him.
It is clear that these two have genuine feelings for one another and now they finally have a chance to see if their love is for real.


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