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Style Plus comes back with new single August 18, 2012

Nigeria’s only surviving R&B group Style Plus is back to the studios with song title Alive.
The video was directed by Mr. AK – One.

The group which consist of Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi, Yemi Akinwonmi, and Lanre Faneyi and the name STYL was adopted by combining the first letters of the first names of the founding members.

In 1999 Lanre Faneyi died, and Zeal Onyecheme joined the group.

In 2002 Yemi Akinwonmi left the group and the musical band became a trio without adding a new member. Starting 2003, the group had its own record label STYL-PLUS.

In February 2006, they released their highly anticipated 11 track debut album “Expressions”.

With singles like OluFunmi, Runway and Imagine That.

The group have performed with the likes of Femi Kuti, Rugged Man, Shaka Demus and Pliers amongst others.


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