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Top 10 celebrity breakups September 18, 2012

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In recent times the rate of divorce has increased especially in the life of celebrities, they hook up and break up.

It is hard for one to keep a track on who is dating who?

Walking down the aisle too soon is often a ticket to marriage disaster, getting to know a person is the key when it comes to knowing whether you’re compatible enough to get married.

Otherwise, you find out down the road that he wants kids and you don’t, you want to live in the city and he doesn’t, or you just can’t stand living together.

One question which hits the mind of people why can’t celebrities have a successful marriage?

Below is a list of failed celebrity marriages.

• 9ice and Toni Payne

• Kenny St Brown and Eddy Remedy

• Stephanie Okereke and Chikelue IIoenuosi

• Segun Arinze and Anne Njamaize

• Esse Agesse and Kingsley Ogoro

• Kefee and Alec Godwin

• Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries;

• Justin Timberlake and Jessica Bel

• Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

• Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

The list goes on and on, being angry doesn’t mean you should tell everyone how bad or horrible your wife is.

Whatever happens in your home should stay in your home, finally be sure you’re ready before you tie the knot.


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