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Video : Overcomers Church responds to Disrupted Wedding April 15, 2013

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Overcomers World Outreach, the church where Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi attempted to marry another while still legally married, has responded to the incident via video.solomon

According to the church, Mr. Akiyesi is not a member of the Overcomers Church World Outreach. We heard no word of an existing marriage to Mrs. Lilian Akiyesi.

Many have pointed out that perhaps the Overcomers Church failed to do its due diligence in investigating Mr. Akiyesi thoroughly.

We regret that she was deceived by Mr. Akiyesi who lied, not only to her, but her family and Church as well. There is however no dishonesty on her part. She was unaware that a Mrs. Akiyesi already existed.

A video has been released to back up the press statement that was released on Sunday


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